I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

One of the things I love most about my home town is that it’s so… well… small town!  I have run into more people I know in the past three weeks than I normally do in months in my adopted hometown in Florida.  And that’s saying something, since I’ve taught over four hundred children in the fifteen years since I moved there.

One of the uniquely awesome features of MY home town is “The Corn Festival”.  It is in quotes because it THE event of the year here, drawing people from all over Erie County and even out from Buffalo.  Corn is King here, not only because it’s yummy, but because it is big agricultural business here.

Forty-seven years of celebrating the glory of growing corn!

This evening my daughter and I went to enjoy the festivities.  We met up with my aunt and uncle, my cousin, my childhood next door neighbor, and ten or so of my in-laws.  We held a mini-reunion next to a food tent.  Four generations of my daughter’s family all hugging and catching up – the best of what small town life is about.  At least six of the group are living or have been living in other states, yet we are constantly drawn back, the pull of our upbringing and the closeness of family and home undeniable.

Riding a hobby horse on a carousel – priceless!

I wasn’t much older than my grandnephew (the cutie in the photo above) when the Corn Festival debuted in my hometown.  I hope I will be taking pictures of tiny little family members here for years to come!

* The top photo is courtesy of  www.edencornfest.com


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