I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

We are having the oddest problem at the school I work at.  Bad kids?  Nah.  Nonfunctioning electronics?  Nope.  Strange noises?  Not so much.


We were sure an animal had crawled up in the roof somewhere and died.  Our custodian put in a work order.  The odd thing is, the dead animal smell kept moving.  First it was in the front stairwell.  Then it moved to the north end of the walkway.  Then the south end.  Then the back stairwell.

At some point, someone figured out we have bats in our belfry.  Okay.

But the smell remains.  It seems the bats are nesting, and can’t be moved.  So we are stuck with our stinky bat guano, which has put our back staircase out of commission.  Apparently, the bats like that area the best.

I suppose we could threaten the kids with having to use the back stairs if they misbehave.  But somehow that seems like cruel and unusual punishment.


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