I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

When Failure is a Good Thing

Something my ex and I tried to instill in our kids was the realization that we all fall down sometimes.  We all fail.  It is in the dusting ourselves off and getting back up that we learn how to succeed.

I wince when dealing with parents who rush in to save their child from any difficulty, no matter how slight.  I completely understand the urge to keep one’s child from hurting.  It is normal and in dire circumstances, absolutely necessary.  I wouldn’t let my child walk out into traffic, or ingest something poisonous.  But all three of my children – now adults – handle life’s bumps and missteps with logic and level heads.  They know their dad and I are nearby if they need the support, but I find they rarely, if ever, need rescuing.  I am proud of all three of them.

Recently, I experienced my own fall.  And because of that fall, I am now wiser and learning a great deal about myself and life in general.

Failure is not the end of the world.  Most of the time, it is a new opportunity.  Sometimes what looks like failure is, in fact, a temporary detour that leads you to more success than you’d imagined in the first place.

This link is a great reminder that all of us experience failure, but if we see the possibilities within us, nothing can stop us.



Comments on: "When Failure is a Good Thing" (4)

  1. Gaye Parnell said:

    I just love you AND your profound words. Gaye

  2. Have I not been saying this the whole time? Regardless, glad you finally feel that way!

    • Debbie Clark said:

      Well, that’s why I keep you around, Rachel. You are wise beyond your years. I love you like crazy!

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