I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

What Do I Do For Fun?

When in New York, I can always find fun things to do.  Creek hiking with relatives and friends in Zoar Valley, for instance.  It was a great afternoon, beautiful, and I got exercise.

Running into friends and family at Alumni Night.

And the all important Corn Festival and Parade!

The problem is… when I’m in Florida, I can’t do anything outside until the weather cools off.  Which is about six months out of the year.  And for whatever reason, I’ve never had a group of friends to go and do things with.  My friends are either busily married, or younger than me with busy family lives.  And I don’t really have a “let’s go camping, hang out at the Strawberry Festival (Florida has its own produce festival, thank you very much), or go to the Symphony” kinda friend.  I have lovely, wonderful friends here, but we’re all about the girls’ night out for dinner.

I realized this during the summer when I was up north.  Every few days there was some sort of outdoor adventure of some type.  Even going for impromptu walks is something I don’t seem to do here.

As I always tell my son, “It’s all about attitude”.  Maybe when the weather cools a little, I’m going to have to step out and start inviting people to picnics, camping trips, and hikes.  Perhaps they have just been waiting for me to ask.  And I am definitely going to the symphony at least once this winter.  And then there’s the Strawberry Festival next spring…


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  1. Yes, but remember, you weren’t there in the winter! Summer is our winter, but I do know what you mean. It is very hard to find people to do stuff with! Even when you are friends!!! So, we need to plan a camping trip! Mike was just talking about an October or November date, and we can share a spot if it is less than 8 people to a site (buy one/get one free, I’m all about it!) So look at the calendar woman and let me know!!

  2. We’ll have to make that a plan! You are about the only friend I have in Florida who likes to camp. My whole dang family in NY camps – in fact, I’m going to miss their big fall camping trip that they do with a ton of people. Ah well, we’ll have to have our own fall shindig! I’ll give you a call soon.

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