I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Spies Everywhere

A fringe benefit/unexpected burden of being a teacher is that you become somewhat of a local “celebrity”.  People in your town or neighborhood recognize you at the store and wave to you at the traffic light.  Of course, all of these people are children.


On Monday night my happily dysfunctional family – ex, son, and I – went to Outback for some Bloomin’ Onion and steak.  We had a delightful time, what with my son reading the calorie counts of everything we ate – courtesy of his iphone app.  Don’t even ask about the calories in that stupid onion.

The next day, my daughter was trying to get her class to move on to the next activity and told her kids to put their hands down.  However, one insistent child had to be heard.  You see, he was at Outback, too.  And he saw the three of us.  And he ratted us out to my daughter.  We keep going to Outback without inviting her.  She is, afterall, married and busy.  However, she has a weakness for Macaroo and Cheese.


Blown in by a ten year old.  I’m just hoping I didn’t say anything crude or unprofessional – the walls have ears you know.


Comments on: "Spies Everywhere" (3)

  1. The worst are the spies that drive!! You know, the teenage variety of student ……….!

  2. eyes everywhere… take that, chew on it. 🙂

  3. I’m no expert, but I feel like this problem could be easily solved by just inviting Rachel. Seriously, just like a text would do the trick.

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