I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

The Ultimate Procrastinator




One would think, with over two weeks of vacation time, I would be whipping my life into shape.  As someone who loves to plot and plan and make list after list, I should be ready to face the new year with my calendar and planner filled, my home sparkling in all its well-organized splendor.


Not so much.


In fact, if you promise not to tell anybody, I haven’t been able to find my apartment keys since I returned from New York with my truck full of belongings.  And I KNOW they must be in a box or a bag or something.  So I stay in a lot.  If I don’t find them by Sunday, I will break down and pay for a new set.  I can’t even get my mail out of my mailbox, for crying out loud.

I just bought a new trash can this evening, so I can finally gather up all the bags and fast food debris and dispose of it properly.  And it took until two days ago to get a shower curtain up in my bathroom.  I actually resorted to taking baths!


To top it off, my dryer is taking three hours to dry a load of clothes, but I refuse to call maintenance and have them see what a heinous mess this apartment is.  Refuse.


In my attempt to always see the bright spot in any situation, I have decided it is a blessing that I have time off from work to put my apartment together, procrastinate, organize my belongings, procrastinate some more, and do my lesson plans.  Wanna take bets on how long I put that last chore off?


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