I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Happiness is…

This post will be short this evening because I am posting from my phone which is a technological marvel but a pain in the neck.

This is what makes me happy today:
I wore a nice outfit and makeup today.
I got a great haircut!
I came home to my own apartment.
My turkey sub was delish.
The maple walnut ice cream wasn’t too shabby either.
I will have clean clothes and clean dishes by morning.

I hope your Happy List is even longer than mine!


Comments on: "Happiness is…" (2)

  1. I’m happy because:
    -I could get in all my exercise and still have time to cook dinner.
    -I discovered a new, yummy recipe that I made lower in fat!
    -The day was easy and fast!
    -I woke up cranky and ended happy!
    -The Biggest Loser starts tonight!
    -The dishes are done and I can empty it and reload before Biggest Loser!
    -My kids finished their homework and didn’t even argue over fixing stuff!
    -Found out someone I know was pregnant today!!!! So glad for her and her husband!!!
    -Tomorrow is already WEDNESDAY!!! Making us so much closer to a weekend!
    Thanks for letting me reflect on my day in such a positive way! You rock Debbie!!!

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