I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Negatives to Positives

I felt like I was having a pretty lousy week.  I spent Sunday in bed with a migraine – nothing out of the ordinary – but was feeling sorry for myself.  Monday left me in a stupor because all the sleeping I did during the day Sunday resulted in a short night heading into the work week.  Monday was long because my kids and I piled into my car and headed up to the VA hospital to see their dad, who was there having tests run to make sure he was not having a heart attack.  Dinner didn’t happen until around 8 after my son found the Ruby Tuesdays he’d been dying to go to.  Yesterday was not much better as I was still dragging my feet and a few of my students were about to send me over the edge.

Poor, poor me.  Let me retell this sad tale.  I spent an entire day resting in bed Sunday, which was long overdue.  The sleep helped and my head has been better behaved since.  Monday, while long, allowed me to spend time alone with two of my adult kids, which rarely happens.  My ex did not have a heart attack, which is a blessing!  He appreciated the company and we had him laughing.  Dinner was late, but very good, and I laughed my way through my meal.  Tuesday, while not spent as I’d liked (read:  June Cleaver with chalk), I will have a peaceful day today since two of my cherubs are suspended today.  That means the rest of the kids get more of my positive attention.

It’s all about attitude.


Comments on: "Negatives to Positives" (1)

  1. Gaye Parnell said:

    Wow! Scared me for a minute there about Rick. Glad he is okay. Stress related perhaps? (That can happen!) Here’s to Wednesday, Debbie! Love goes out to all of you.

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