I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Considering the horrible weather that has hit much of the country recently, this Florida Friday is a no brainer.

It’s Friday evening, I’m sitting with my family, who are playing Wii and digesting their pizza.  The windows are open along with the front door.  I can hear the crickets outside, except for when my kids’ yelling drowns them out.  Occasionally a mild breeze floats past me.  The dogs, Bunkie and Buster, wander to the front door to see if anything’s stirring outside, then relax by the sofa.

When I leave in a little while to go home, there will be no piling on of hats and coats and boots, and definitely no scraping of the windshield.  Yes, Florida is good.


Comments on: "Florida Friday – I Hear Crickets" (4)

  1. :p! I had to scrape a quarter inch of ice off my car yesterday. Took me fifteen minutes and I still couldn’t really see out of half my windows.

  2. Sure, rub it in why doncha? Hmpf.

  3. Yep, this is one of reasons I live in Florida and not PA, or any of those other states up north, for that matter.

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