I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Missing Inaction

I realized recently it’s been over a month since my last post!  How on earth did that happen?

It may have something to do with the fact that it’s the last quarter of the school year and like a car on its last fumes of gas, I am sputtering slowly to a halt.  It happens every year, and the older I get, the worse it hits me and the longer it takes me to recover.  This is my way of forewarning my loyal readers – you know who you two are – it may be awhile between posts until the school year ends.

I actually took two days off work this week due to my migraine.  I made it until about 10:30 Thursday morning when my team told me to go home.  God bless them, they took my kids for the rest of the day.  I knew it was bad when the guidance counselor saw me and told me I “looked like death”.  She’s really much more sensitive with the kids, I swear!

If I’m not mistaken, we have five more weeks of school left.  This is doable.  I can do this.  The key for me is to rest when I need to rest.  I haven’t been doing that, because I feel guilty and lazy if I come home and take a nap, or spend the day in bed on Saturday.  So for the next five to six weeks, I am relieving myself of all feelings of guilt.

I’m even checking into getting a cleaning lady twice a month.  If my budget allows it, I’m going for it.  (That’s me being nice to me!)


Comments on: "Missing Inaction" (1)

  1. So leave it to my cousin to make a pun! It’s the Bowman peeking out of you, you know that don’t you?!
    You are right, everyone needs their moments of “inaction”. When I was living my master’s degree, on Friday nights the entire neighborhood babysitting co-op got together for Neighborhood Suppers. That was the one night I gifted myself to do absolutely nothing but sit and enjoy my friends and allow my children to play with theirs. That inaction gave me the strength to keep up with my regular actions!
    I love you and your innate wisdom!

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