I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

No Free Rides

Reason # 4,982 that I love Tom Hanks.


When asked by a fan to wish her good luck on exams, his first question is… Did you study?

We live in a world where we count on the lottery to solve our problems.  We sue each other rampantly when life doesn’t go as we want.  (Think scalding coffee and McDonalds).  We look for the quick fix, the Bewitched plan (twitch your nose and problem’s solved), and our fairy godmothers to provide us what we want or need.

But do we put the work in?

If you study hard, you won’t need luck.  Think about how hot the coffee is before you put it between your knees.  Save your pennies and learn the beauty of compound interest, however little it may be now.  Invest wisely.  Pick up a broom and start sweeping.  And rely on friends and family for support, but rely on yourself to do the grunt work.

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve aged is that there is no magic pill, good luck charm, or genie in a bottle to provide for me.  There is, however, my own planning, hard work, prayer, and patience.  As my son said long ago, “Nothing in life is free.  There’s always shipping and handling.”

P.S. – The link above takes you to the Larry Crowne website.  I followed Tom Hanks on Twitter for months as the movie was being developed, and it looks good!  However, Tom doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall and I am getting no money for telling you about the movie.  Not even a movie pass.  See – no free rides!


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