I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

A Pox Upon Me

Well today it seems I am neither moving onward nor upward.  I’m in bed with a head I’d like to lop off.

I have shingles.  My doctor took one look at me this morning, listened to my symptoms and declared me shingly.  Turns out one of the risk factors is being over 50.  Huh.  Up til now, I’ve been perfectly fine being in my 50s.  Today, not so much.  Shingles is caused by the same virus, herpes zoster, that causes chicken pox.  You can only get this condition if you’ve had chicken pox.

My particular outbreak is on my face, right around my eye, so I have to watch it carefully over the next few days, as blindness is a rare side effect if it gets in my eye.  That would complicate life, wouldn’t it?  It can also affect my hearing from what I read, and that’s where my pain started the other day.  Blind, deaf, and I’m already dumb.  Good Lord.

The only part of this that truly spooked me was realizing I’d spent quite a bit of time over the past week with my pregnant daughter.  In fact, I got upset while talking to the doctor when I realized I was contagious.  He had to calm me down and assure me she is probably fine.  Number 1 child did have chicken pox as a child, but I remember it being a very mild case.  In talking with her today, however, she remembers oatmeal baths, being very itchy, and missing the entire week of school before Christmas vacation.  It’s all in one’s perspective, I suppose.  I’m also relieved that her obstetrician told her she should be fine.  Thank you, God.

This is about all the blogging fun I can stand right now, so I’m going to get horizontal again.  If you are over 50 and had chicken pox in the past, you may want to read up on this potentially dangerous condition.  It took me a week to see my family doctor and get a diagnosis.  Treatments for shingles are most effective in the first 72 hours.  I missed the boat on that, but if you know the signs and symptoms, you can get treatment sooner than I did.


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