I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Why? Why? Why?

I have finished my second day of school.  I think I’m going to have a great class, and things are humming along well in my room.

And yet…

I have some questions, so I’m going to throw them out to the cosmos just to see if any answers come back.

Why don’t children know how they are going home on the first day of school?  Why don’t parents TELL THEM what to do if it rains and they walk home?

Why do we walk students to the intersection of a five lane highway and let them walk to the other side where their parents are standing?  Why aren’t the parents crossing the busy highway to get their kids?  We have a crossing guard, but parents wait safely on their side of the highway for their kindergarteners to cross.

Why are there three day care centers who charge parents to pick up their babies from school in the afternoon, but don’t arrive to get them until an HOUR after dismissal.  This is further complicated by the fact that our duty day ends a HALF HOUR after dismissal.  If any of us on bus duty wanted to file a grievance with the union, we could and would win.  Fortunately for the kids, none of us would do that.

As you might guess, I have afternoon duty this week.  It has also been in the 90s and either raining or threatening rain each day at dismissal.  It is so humid, many of us had wet clothes by the time we finished and most of us had sweat pouring off us.  Which means those babies waiting to be picked up were just as miserable.  I know I’ve been really cranky by 4:00 over the past two days – I wonder how the little ones feel.


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  1. I’m leaving a comment on my own post. I’m weird. But as I read this again (after food, water, and cool air), I thought I sounded a little snarky. Especially the part about filing a grievance. I want to make it clear that our principal has not asked us to stay past our duty day. In fact yesterday at 3:30 she told us to go. It’s just that three large tables of kids are still waiting with only a couple of people to stay and watch them if the rest of us leave. It just doesn’t seem right. I guess we’d have to file a grievance against the daycare centers. Not sure that would work.

  2. You need to let those places know exactly what you said here. That the parents are paying them to pick up their children from school and the only reason they are not left completely unattended is because the teachers care too much and are willing (but not happy) to spend 30 minutes in the heat not getting paid. I would NOT take that sitting down. While it’s not the children’s fault and they shouldn’t be punished, something needs to happen so that stops immediately.

  3. You and the others stay for the same reason you teach, you care. I would inform the parents of the lapse in the service they are paying for. Enough parents complaining will correct the issue with the day-care problem.
    As for the crosswalk; If it’s supervised with a crossing guard, I would wait on the other side of the street too. A small,guided step on the way to independence. If there was no crossing guard, I would escort the kids across it, most caring parents would.
    As for the venting, hey that’s what we’re here for.b Glad you’re feeling better. Send us some of that rain, please, pretty please, pretty please with rainclouds on top.

    • Okay, I’ve slept and feel better now. Sadly, most of the kids who ride the day care buses are low income and get the best day care their parents can afford. I doubt they would complain much. And the intersection our babies cross is actually a six lane highway – I can’t count when I’m tired. It’s not safe for parents or children to cross. To complicate matters, some kids cross the highway, but some cross the side street and walk parallel to the highway. The first day, a kindergartner zigged when he should have zagged, and crossed the side street. His parents were understandably frantic and angry, cursing at the principal and those trying to help. His teacher got in her car and drove up and down the highway looking for him. Meanwhile, he’d figured out he was going the wrong way, but it took a good twenty or so minutes before all this got straightened out. The little boy made it back to the crossing guard who was on the lookout for the child also. It just put my stomach in knots worrying.

      As for rain, Mike, I’m kind of enjoying it. It’s the only thing that takes the edge of the 90+ degree weather. But if I find some spare, I’ll gladly send it your way!

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