I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Have you ever seen lists on blogs that no human has time to read?  “57 Tips for a Healthier You”, “67 Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom”, “100 Ways to Live Simply”…

But bear with me.  I’m in the honeymoon phase with my new class and I want to savor it while it lasts.



1.  I keep hearing thank you from students when I pass out paper or markers or whatever.

2.  The two students I’ve had to speak to about their behavior have been remorseful and apologetic, which means they have good hearts.

3.  My two new students (why start the first day?) have been welcomed and shown the ropes by their classmates.

4.  I’ve seen some of the neatest handwriting to cross my desk in years.

5.  They get my jokes.

6.  They sat silently reading – really reading, not fake reading – for 13 minutes before any of them even twitched.

7.  They want to know when they can start going to the library to check out books.

8.  The student I blogged about last spring, who is notorious for not doing any work, got his math done today and completed his writing homework last night.  I gave him an “atta boy” and I got him to smile at me!  I told him I’d been bragging about him to everyone.

9.  Even though there are 23 students, they can and do work much, much more quietly than last year’s group of 18.  God bless them.


10.  I was told today that they thought I was 32, not 52.  They were all surprised at my age.


Yep.  They’re keepers.  I’ll let you know in January if I feel the same way!


Comments on: "Ten Things I Like About My New Class" (3)

  1. I’m glad to hear it sounds like a good class. Best of luck this year.

  2. ” I was told today that they thought I was 32, not 52. They were all surprised at my age.”

    In all your years in the classroom, you don’t recognize ‘sucking up” when you hear it? JUST KIDDING!!! Sounds like a good group, but definitely hold that thought until mid-year, just in case.

    Love ya! Mean it! Really… 🙂

    • You’re just jealous cause you have a gray beard. You don’t look 32. Nah na nah na nah nah. And I’m just kidding, too. Love you. Mean it. 😉

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