I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Where Do I Start?

Every year I convince myself that if I just organize myself and my life a little better, I will be rested, healthy, and able to accomplish great things on a regular basis.

I am an idiot.

Since I last posted, back in 1984 or so, this has been my life.

I am already behind two weeks on my lesson plans.  I have only recorded two sets of grades.  With a new online gradebook program that doesn’t exactly have the bugs worked out of it, but which every teacher in the county must use, grades are pretty much in chaos.  No one can answer our questions, it seems.  Awesome.  Progress reports must be done through this same program in less than two weeks.

I have at least two parent calls I need to make, but this very same program doesn’t have student info listed, so I have to go to the office and make copies of all 23 of my students’ registration forms.  This program was supposed to eliminate that.

I spent a lovely weekend with my dad over Labor Day, but that means my laundry didn’t get done, so my ironing didn’t get done, so I have a very limited supply of clean pressed clothing for work.  I have no groceries, so I’m going through the drive-through every afternoon and eating junk.  And I’m too exhausted from staying at school late doing meetings and playing catch up to face a trip to the grocery store after work.

My dog is throwing up small amounts of blood.  I took Tuesday off work to take her to the vet (which also put me behind)  and it seems I’ll need to take her back because she’s doing worse instead of better.

It is way too early in the year to feel like I’m drowning, and yet, I am.  I’ve also had a migraine off and on since Sunday morning.

Next Monday, I start after school tutoring.  Can I just get off the merry-go-round for a while and catch my breath?


Comments on: "Where Do I Start?" (2)

  1. Hi Deb, sounds a bit crazy, and that’s the price of “progress.” I’m always leery when I’m told how much time some new program or gadget will save me. Never seems to work that way. When I get behind the best way I can think of is prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. What action will give me the best results? I would advise first getting some groceries and dumping the drive-thrus, that’s one reason you feel so drained. Those empty calories will wear you down. A good meal, a good rest, and hopefully things will look better in the morning. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I think the dog is worrying me most. And how much the vet bill is going to be. A good night’s sleep sounds fabulous!

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