I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Long Ago and Far Away


Long ago, I used to write blog posts.  Almost daily.  It was fun.




See, doesn’t that look like fun?







Then came work.  And tutoring after work.  Followed by holidays.  Which were followed by more work.  And tutoring.  And teaching Saturday School for four hours on Saturday.  Then the relatives started arriving from the snowy North.  Then, just to make it even better, I had to put my sweet dog down last week.

So the blogging thing has ground to a halt.

But I miss it.  And I miss checking on the blogs of people whose writing makes me happy.  And well, I’d like to get that back.

I feel like I’ve wandered far away from my original intent, which was to express my thoughts on finding health and happiness in my fifties and beyond.  Coincidentally, I’m not feeling too healthy or all that happy, and I’m beginning to wonder if I was chronicling my happiness, or if writing about my life was what made me happy and healthy.  Hmmmm…..


So I’m going to give my writing another shot.  Even if it’s only my brother who reads it (hi Mikey), I think it’s a good thing.




Comments on: "Long Ago and Far Away" (4)

  1. I appreciate the thought sis!

  2. I do it all for you. Honest. Really.

  3. Chris Garren said:

    Hey I read your blog! How you doing with the dog thing?

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