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Comedy and Tragedy

Springtime in public education is generally the most stressful time of year.  Testing looms closer and closer, adult and child nerves are frayed, and we hang on by our fingertips until Spring Break, and then until June.

That said, I am trying quite deliberately to carve out time for fun.  Yesterday I went with a friend to see a one man show called “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn”.  Just from the title, I knew it would be funny.  I was not disappointed.

This Broadway production is the story of Jake Ehrenreich’s life.  Although only a few years older than me, he is the son of Jewish immigrants and Holocaust survivors from Poland.  He tells his story of growing up in Brooklyn trying to be the all American kid with parents who spoke Russian, Polish, and Yiddish.

Mr. Ehrenreich, who once auditioned with Kiss – he’s a very good drummer – sang, told old school corny jokes reminiscent of the Catskill resort days, and mesmerized the audience with memories of his parents’ grief at losing their families during the Holocaust.

I knew I’d laugh – it was the tears I wiped away that surprised me most.

Jacob Ehrenreich’s stories have been picked up by the people who publish the “Chicken Soup” books and a documentary is in the works.  If you’d like to know more about this talented and eloquent gentleman, you can visit his website.



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