I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

My Man

I have such a crush.  It’s crazy.  I am too old to be this wrapped up in another human being.

But what can I say?  He’s amazingly good-looking, bright – I think he’s gifted!  He has the most incredible eyes, and when he smiles, my heart skips a beat.

Today we spent time together, not doing anything special, but I found myself smiling the entire time.  We watched a little TV and went for a walk together.  It’s heavenly to spend time with someone who makes you so content without having to even work at conversation or trying to be witty.

He’s not perfect by any means.  He’s a little temperamental and when he’s unhappy, he let’s you know immediately.  Yet he’s not a great communicator.  I’ve tried to tell him he can just talk to me about what’s bothering him, but so far, he’s been reticent.

I look forward to our relationship developing and growing with time.  I can see us being close for years to come.  I am one lucky woman.


My little man, Jakob - this Grams is smitten!


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  1. Grandchildren are God’s reward for us not killing our children. Glad you get to spend some time with the handsome fellow.

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