I am going to enjoy life after 50 if it kills me!

Crawling Out From Under

Long time, no see.

I have gotten subtle reminders from my daughter that I need to write a post.  Subtle being, “You need to write a post for your blog, Mom.  Either blog.  Just write a post.”

So here I am.  This is the most exhausting part of the school year for me.  We have Saturday School, state testing, report cards and report card conferences with every child’s parent, and planning for end of the  year activities.  So naturally, I’ve been migraining for weeks now.

Fortunately, Saturday School has ended, testing is more than half over, report cards are done, and so are most of my conferences.  And I haven’t taken any migraine meds in over a week.  Life is good again.

And I’d better get motivated.  My grandson’s baptism is next Sunday.  He’s four months old now – how fast the time has gone.  Have I mentioned how much in love I am with this little person?  Totally.


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  1. Yay! You’re back!

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