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Not Having Fun Yet

I have been offline for the past few days.  Hard to blog and drive 70 mph on the Interstate at the same time, ya know?

This is a terrible picture of my brother Mike taken at the recent Corn Festival Parade.  Keep in mind my camera was broke by this time…

It took three days of driving by myself.  Somehow on Day 1 I lost my debit card.  No one has used it, so I still wonder if it’s not in some tiny dark crevice in my car which I can’t reach.  Anyway, I don’t use credit cards, so that and my cash were all I had.  Please say a thank you prayer to God for my most awesome brother Mike, who made sure I had a hotel room that night.

On Day 2 the traffic picked up and the rain commenced.  Not great, but I was making it.  Until the tire blew.  I got off on the shoulder and started to panic, but literally talked myself down.  Thank God and my dad for my AAA membership.  A savior in the form of a young red-headed man came in the rain and put my donut spare on my car. He and the sweet girl at the Western Union saved me and my sanity yesterday.   Of course, I needed to get a real tire to make it home.  Again, please say a thank you prayer to God for my most incredibly awesome brother Mike, who wired me cash and gave me directions to the nearest Walmart, where I was able to get a new tire put on.

That night I stayed at a Comfort Suites in a beautiful room.  Insert third thank you prayer here for my brother.  Are you getting the picture of just how much I love this boy?  He is my hero.

Day 3 got me back into Bradenton where I stopped immediately at my new school, got an inservice schedule for this week, and found out when and where I need to be for the first day back to work, which is tomorrow, by the way.

I have been going up and down the roller coaster this afternoon of tears and feelings of defeat to resignation that things didn’t work out like I planned, to almost (it’s the best I can do right now) enthusiasm for new opportunities and a chance to make it work next time.

My life is filled with blessings:  three kids who love me no matter what, a kind and gracious ex-husband who is giving me our daughter’s room until I get on my feet (maybe an ex, but always a dear friend), family up north who are still rooting for me, family here who are still rooting for me, friends who say just the right thing at the right time, and a job, which will not be taken for granted again.

So I will cry when I need to, and then I will move forward.  Onward.  And upward.

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