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I Love My Family!

I’ve come to love Monday evenings.  Over the past several months, Mondays have evolved into “family dinner night”.  Sometimes we eat out, sometimes eat in, but always enjoy each other’s company.  This evening we had an extra family member join us.  My niece, or technically my nephew’s wife, is visiting from Texas.  She is anxiously waiting for her husband Sean to return from Afghanistan.  LOVE YOU, SEAN!!  Jess is taking a little breather from work and being a military wife to visit her in-laws.


I love having conversations with Jessica.  She is incredibly bright, her own woman, loving, but I have a feeling she doesn’t put up with much bull.  She is very excited about her new sleeve of tattoos and showed me where it’s still a little bruised.  She and my daughter discussed Russian literature over dinner.  My son quizzed both girls on Harry Potter trivia.  It was great to have someone so vibrant to share a meal with!  And she even took pictures of us with her old-fangled film camera, which she loves.

Thank you, Sean, for sharing such an amazing person with us.  And stay safe.

The Photojournalist

So enough about me.

In the midst of all my angst, I momentarily lost sight of the fact that I have a nephew who is serving in Afghanistan right now.  This is his second tour overseas, the first serving in Iraq, spending part of his time driving around in a tank, if I remember correctly.  I spent a great deal of time being  very worried and praying a lot.

This time, Sean is working as a photojournalist, which isn’t as safe as it first sounds, but definitely a better use of his intellect and talents.  I am proud to share his first news story with you.  Check out the byline – that’s our Sean!


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