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A Long, Strange Trip I’m Still On


This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post, except that I miss my little man and wish I could spend more time with him.

Since my dad fell, a lot has happened.  After a week it became clear that while his hip was healing beautifully, the rest of his body was bent out of shape over the whole thing.  His kidneys began to fail and that took awhile to deal with.  Then his bladder decided it was not going to work as a protest to this whole thing, and that he’s still dealing with.  Then, just for fun, his blood pressure started to plummet whenever he stood during his occupational therapy sessions.  After only a minute or two, he’d feel so weak he’d have to sit back down.

Fortunately, by the time all this started, I had already taken a leave of absence from work until the end of the school year.  I have been living at my dad’s house so I can visit him daily, attend doctor’s appointments with him, keep track of his meds, pay his bills, etc.

Because I needed more of a challenge apparently, while all this was going on, my dog got a nasty, nasty ear infection, as basset hounds are prone to do.  She has been to the vet three times and is on a host of antibiotics.  She also managed to pick up fleas, which got a foothold because when Dad fell, I forgot to give the dog her flea meds for a week or so.

To make a long story short, my apartment is teeming with fleas, my car is infested, and my dad’s house has a few fleas.  Because I’ve been living there, I’ve had a chance to treat the dog and the house, so they’re almost gone.

So while I’m waiting for my apartment and car to air out from the flea bombs, I’ve had a chance to write this post at a local sandwich shop while very slowly eating lunch.

This all, by the way, is STILL wayyyy less stressful than teaching fifth graders.

PS – I tripped over the dog a couple weeks ago, landing in the road on my mouth.  Next week I’ll be getting a crown on one of my front teeth.  That dog is the most expensive pet I’ve ever owned.


A Slow Day for Old Women

Last week wore me out.  I don’t know if it was the flu shot I got on Monday, the migraine that lingered all week, or the ridiculousness of my work week.  Today has been a day of sleeping, web surfing, and more sleeping.

Except for the trip to the vet.  Old Ava, the wonder basset hound, had me outside with plastic bag in hand five times by ten this morning.  She wouldn’t touch her food, but made the most godawful gurgling, rumbly, gassy noises.  I made a call to my vets’ office and they told me to bring her in.  I love my vets.  She has a little bacterial infection, so she’s now on antibiotics and something to soothe her tummy.

As my dad said this morning, it’s hell to get old.


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