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Life’s Little Things Are the Biggest Blessings

I spent most of the weekend in bed with a migraine.  What’s new?  Anyway, I crawled out of bed this morning and headed into work, wishing the entire time I was back in bed.

This morning one of my students mentioned she had moved over the weekend and didn’t have her backpack.  I told her no problem – maybe Mom could go back and get it.  Later, this child had a big meltdown while with another teacher, crying and upset.  Her grandmother picked her up and she left school.  After talking with her mom, I learned they left home quickly over the weekend and were in a shelter.  Mom was crying, worried sick about her daughter.

My head didn’t seem like such a big deal after that.  I could take some medicine and get through the day.

This evening we had a family dinner at my daughter’s house.  Everyone laughed and teased and ate good food, and I marveled at how blessed my children and I are.  We sat in a warm home with people to whom we trust our lives, without fear of what tomorrow might bring.

Food, shelter, family, safety.  Big blessings.

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