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It’s a Honking Cacophony!

For the past hour or so, my home has been filled with the sounds of Canada geese.  Seems the biggest gander and his mate are not happy about the three other pairs swimming onto his pond.  The six geese gliding onto the main part of the pond argued back relentlessly, while King Goose and his queen stood on the shore honking up a storm.

This went on so long, I was able to tell which goose was honking – King Goose had a long honk.  Goose One had a low, deep honk.  His mate had a higher pitched short honk which she blasted off in twos or threes.   The others filled in any lulls with their own honking blasts.  At one point the six interlopers waddled up on shore near King and Queen Goose.  Holy cow!  I thought a brawl was going to break out at any moment, but the Band of Six backed off and into the water.

Then all the noise stopped.  All of them, including His and Her Majesty, have left.

It’s nice and quiet now.  But definitely not as entertaining.

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