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Florida Friday – State Symbolic Trivia

I’ve learned many things about Florida since moving here fifteen years ago.  Some are inspiring, some things are historical, scientific, and some are just plain trivial.  Trivia is what I’m into this evening!

Obvious Trivia…

The state reptile is… the alligator.  That’s a no brainer!

The state marine mammal is the manatee.  Again, pretty obvious.

How about the state butterfly?  Yes, we have one of those and it’s the zebra longwing.  This is new info for me, too.

The state tree is the sabal palm.  They’re everywhere and quite stately lining a street.

The state drink is – you guessed it – orange juice, and the state flower is the orange blossom, which smells heavenly!

Here are a few Florida symbols I was unaware of.

The state play is “Cross and Sword“, which dramatizes the Spanish colonization of St. Augustine.

The state soil is sand, of course.  But not just any sand – Myakka fine sand, which is unique to Florida, apparently.

And last, but not least, here is the state gem of Florida…   the moonstone, which is not native to Florida or the moon, but it’s the whole NASA, trips to the moon thing.  Moonstone is actually a type of mineral feldspar.

Information and the images for this post come from The Florida Division of Historic Resources.  I got my information from the “kids” section, but there is a wealth of information on the rest of the site as well!

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