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Florida Friday

Since I’ve chosen Fridays over the past two weeks to write my weekly “What I Love About Florida” post, I’ve decided to call them Florida Fridays.  I’m so dadgum clever, aren’t I?  I also think Friday, when I am in a great mood heading into a weekend, is the ideal time to sing the praises of my adopted state.

When searching for my topic this evening, I tried to think of things that people can do here that you just can’t do in, say, Nebraska, or Michigan, or New York.

While looking at royalty free photos, I came across this dolphin.  Ah….

One of the things I love about Florida is being able to have a lovely dinner at a restaurant and gaze out the window to watch dolphins jumping and playing in the bay.  Counting one, then two, then three or four of these amazing sea mammals swimming freely is a blessing.  You can’t do that just anywhere.

Some day I’ll tell you about the otters in the pond behind my apartment…

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