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Upward… My Small Town History


My hometown of Eden, New York is celebrating its bicentennial this year, and last Sunday my family and I took a “trolley” tour of Eden, which included speakers in historic garb to tell us some of the history of the town.  Except for our trolley hostess, all the speakers were depicting an actual Eden resident from the past.  I took as many photos as I could, but between the dirt on the windows and the glare of the glass, my pictures are mediocre at best.  Sorry about that.


my daughter Kay, and family friend, Kay, who was also our hostess

First we stopped at the Original Kazoo Factory, our claim to fame!

You can still see the machines operate on a belt and pulley system, and yes, they still make metal kazoos here!

Emil Sorg, explaining how he got the idea to bring kazoos to western New York.

Next stop was the Asa Warren House on Main Street.

It’s believed this house was a stop on the underground railroad on the way up to Canada and safety.

Colonel Asa Warren himself – veteran of the War of 1812.

Next we stopped in Evergreen Cemetery, where we met up with our local Methodist exhorter (preacher) and tavern owner, William Hill, who was born in 1746 in Vermont.

I went to school with this man’s ancestor and namesake, Bill Hill. Originally, the center of town was known as Hill’s Corners.

As the tour continued, we continued to meet more local citizens from Eden’s past.

Ida Landon aggravated those in power until she got a bridge built over Eden Valley!


Father Mertz was pastor of the first Catholic parish south of Buffalo, St. Mary’s.

There were more colorful characters on our tour, including the bank employee, Bill Stickney, who was held up at gunpoint when the local bank was robbed.  Stickney’s grandson portrayed him on our tour.

With a population of less than 8,000, Eden sure has a lot of history – guess that’s what happens by the time a town is 200 years old!



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