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The Livin’ is Easy – Part 2… Corn

I’m from a small town.  Small as in it had only one traffic light and one blinking light when I grew up.  Small as in the main intersection is Main and Church, which we all referred to as “the four corners”.  Small as in our major local event is The Corn Festival.

That’s right.  We grow it, we eat it, and we damn well celebrate it! For almost all of my life there has been an August ritual of parade, carnival rides, softball games, carnival games and food.  But the best part of the Corn Festival is being able to buy fresh steaming corn on the cob drenched in butter.

Most of the past thirty summers have passed me by without this hometown extravaganza, but last summer, I was home and excited about the prospect of reliving my childhood on the local American Legion grounds, where our “Corn Fest” is located.  While I didn’t ride a single ride, nor did I play any carnival games (although I did watch the dunk tank for awhile – always good entertainment), I found my small town evening one of the best of my summer.

I couldn’t take ten steps without running into family.  Cousins, in-laws, aunt and uncle, brother-in-law, you name it.  We all ended up traveling around the grounds together having a wonderful time.  I think I spent money on an ear of corn and a drink.  Pretty cheap night on the town, even in a small town.

Family reunion - we travel from all over for corn!

With all our technology, a carousel ride is still a memory maker for a child.

Our Florida girls' first Corn Festival!

To top off the weekend, my home town has its annual Corn Festival Parade.  While it’s no Macy’s Parade, ours has its own quaint charm.  Some friends of ours open their front yard to friends each year for the perfect parade watching spot.  Of course, food is brought and corn on the cob is served.  It was another wonderful opportunity for me to reconnect with old friends and my family.  Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer day under a shade tree watching Keystone Kops, a marching band, and our local fire department parade past?  Talk about easy living…

Those crazy Methodists!

Forget Starbucks - western New York is all about their Tim Horton's.


What would a farming town's parade be without a tractor?


By the way, I slammed my camera in the door of my car the night before the parade, so I had no view finder when I took the parade pictures.  The above photos are pure luck!

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