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Leaps of Faith

As I end each day of my new life:  new home, new town, no job…

I begin to fret about another day passing with no job and no way to support myself.  “After all,” I think to myself, “You’ve been here for two entire weeks and you don’t have a plan for the rest of your life yet.  What will you do to make money?  Who on earth would hire you?  What if you can’t get more than a minimum wage job?  What kind of a nutcase” leaves a perfectly good job in Florida to move to Buffalo?”

If I listened to myself, I would become overwhelmed.  Well, to be honest, I have had my moments.  However, it is when I ignore me and listen to the whispers of God’s voice that my anxiety eases.  He shushes me like an impatient child and reminds me He’s got it under control.  He’ll make the plan for me if I will just have a little faith.

So I go to bed each night, say my prayers, and know that in the morning, God will still be there to help me figure it all out.

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