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I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

I used to wish for a winning lottery ticket so I could pay off my bills and buy a nice house.  Sometimes I would wish to be thin and fit, so I’d feel better and would look smokin’ hot in a little black dress.  In my lifetime I’ve wished for new cars, trips to Europe, perfect teeth, curly hair, and a wraparound porch with a swing.

But age changes one’s perspectives.  As of this moment, I wish for a good night’s sleep and no migraine in the morning.  I suppose this means I’m succeeding in my goal to simplify my life.  Good night, y’all.

Ten Reasons I am Happy Today

  1. I cooked myself a healthy dinner.
  2. I’m in bed by 8:30 (though obviously not asleep, since I’m typing this post)
  3. I did not cry while I read the last chapter of Old Yeller to my class.  With my kiddos it’s important to retain at least a smidge of cool factor.
  4. I’m moderately cool AND say smidge.
  5. There are clean clothes in the dryer and clean dishes in the cupboard.
  6. My head does not hurt this evening.
  7. I eat lunch with funny colleagues.
  8. My brain finally engaged which resulted in my phone bill being paid and my substitute being requested for Thursday while I’m out.
  9. The memory of my very shy student, with oodles of neurological and emotional issues, giving me a huge smile and hugging me yesterday.
  10. I know I am loved.

Happiness is…

This post will be short this evening because I am posting from my phone which is a technological marvel but a pain in the neck.

This is what makes me happy today:
I wore a nice outfit and makeup today.
I got a great haircut!
I came home to my own apartment.
My turkey sub was delish.
The maple walnut ice cream wasn’t too shabby either.
I will have clean clothes and clean dishes by morning.

I hope your Happy List is even longer than mine!

A Day in the Life

It is so easy to get wrapped up in one’s own little world.  I know personally, I tend to close in on myself and think only of my circumstances and the goings on in my own little environment.

Friday night I crawled into bed early and watched TV until I fell asleep.  It was not much to write home about, let alone blog about.

Last night I spoke with my daughter, who is going to school up in New York.  She told me about her weekend camping trip with my relatives and their friends at Alleghany State Park.  She spent Friday evening traveling down to the park, stopping for subs on the way, getting in around 8 pm, then spending the evening with my sister-in-law, my brother, and a huge group of great people.  As she told me about her evening, I smiled, thinking of how much fun she must have had.

This morning I got to work to learn that a colleague of mine had lost her home to fire Friday night.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  She, her husband and daughter got out, but the house will be gutted.  They have lost most everything.  They are temporarily living in a hotel in the area.  Their lives were turned upside down in the space of a few hours.  While my daughter played games in a warm cabin.  While I dozed off in my room, snug in bed.

There is an entire world filled with people’s ups and downs happening all the time, all around us.  It is important that we never forget that.

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