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The Livin’ is Easy – Part 4 The Green, Green Grass of Home

One last post on my summer of easy living in western New York last summer…

One of the most relaxing aspects of my summer in New York had more to do with my surroundings than anything I did or saw.  I am blessed with amazing family – the kind that will always be there for you, no matter what.  While in New York, I stayed at the home of my aunt and uncle, which is almost a second home to me after all these years.  They built the house around 1968 or so – three stories tall in the back, on the top of a hill.  I clearly remember standing in the living room, which was just studs and plywood subfloor at the time, watching the fireworks on the 4th of July.  It was amazing.  We could see the fireworks displays from three separate towns from our vantage point.

Now the home serves as a gathering place for all our family when they come home to visit.  The back lawn is an expanse of green grass, covering a clay tennis court that kept the kids busy in our youth.  Lilac bushes border the back of the lawn, cut back for now.  My aunt and uncle have a tiered rose garden sloping down the side of the yard with a salad garden beyond that, bordered by two large compost bins.  On the other side of the lawn, the ground slopes gently down from the enclosed deck.  Flowers and bushes are everywhere.

The enclosure on the end is the compost extravaganza.


There are birdhouses everywhere - bluebirds, goldfinches, and hummingbirds love this place!


The most relaxing place in the world is right in this yard.  And unlike southern lawns, the grass is soft and moist, and the words fire and ant are never uttered.  Peace on earth exists, and it’s right in my aunt and uncle’s back yard.

All My Life’s a Circle…

The title of this post is actually the title of an old Harry Chapin song I have always loved.  No matter what paths we take, how crooked they are, we tend to come back around to those things that matter most.

Before I left for New York back in July, I gave up my apartment, thinking I would not be back.  It was bittersweet, because although I was excited to be moving home, I truly loved my apartment.  In the mornings I’d look out the back window and see ducks, Canada geese, and the occasional otters swimming in the pond behind my home.  The management was great, repairs were done with lightning speed and the place had a great mix of people – ethnicities, ages, singles and families.  I was happy there.

So here’s the circle of life part.  Ya thought I’d forgotten, didn’t ya?

I have been looking online to see what prices apartments there have been going for lately, since I’ll need an apartment in another month or so.  Sunday evening I checked out the apartment complex website and saw a 2 bedroom, 2 bath first floor which will be open in November for only a few dollars more than I paid per month last year.  Low and behold!  It’s MY OLD APARTMENT!!

I bopped right over there yesterday, spoke with the manager, and he’s going to try to get the apartment for me for LESS than I paid last year.  Can you see why I like that place?  And my very same apartment, which is in the best spot in the complex??  God is good and He’s moving me in a circle.

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