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That Damn Maid!

As I look around my apartment, I am appalled.  The furniture needs serious dusting and there are dishes on my coffee table.  Bags are piled on my dining table and moving boxes still sit untouched against the wall.  Don’t even get me started about the kitchen!  The dishwasher is not cleaning properly, so all the dirty dishes have  piled up must be hand washed.  Both bathrooms need a good scrubbing  and the spare room is stacked high with half-unpacked cardboard boxes – the  floor, bed, and desk are all covered with debris.

My brother will be here tomorrow to spend the night while on a business trip.  I can’t wait to see him, but this place is in no shape for a guest, even if he is my little brother.

If I had a maid, I’d fire her for doing such a lousy job.  I’m going to go wash dishes now.

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