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Sunday Funnies – Flying Lessons

In another month, when school is out and my brain begins to regenerate, I will be posting regularly again.

Until then, I’ll do what I can.  I stumbledupon this post today, and immediately thought of my brother, the sarcastic guy who flew planes when he had time and money.  This is sarcastic, and about pilots and mechanics.  Enjoy.


Sunday Funnies – Basset Beauty

I “stumbledupon” this link the other day.  My daughter and I had a great laugh over some of these pictures.  If my Ava actually worked herself up into a genuine run, she’d probably look like some of these guys.  However, at her age, a bouncy walk is the best I can hope for.




Sunday Funnies – I Know That Voice!

Ava and I have spent most of this weekend sleeping off my migraine.  Ava is a sympathetic sleeper, you see.


Anyway, I wanted to leave you with a little something to make you smile.  Enjoy.



Sunday Funnies – Surviving Winter

I have stumbled upon this guy’s blog many times.  I love his facial expressions almost as much as his chalkboard text.  This particular post seems fitting this time of year, and I loved the Buffalo reference.


That’s Funny Stuff

I’m tired and my stomach is acting up, so I’m going to just share something one of my former students posted on facebook today.  I hope you laugh as hard as I did when I saw it.  (Thank you, Mike, for the link.)



Happiness Is… My Family

The picture at left is of my youngest.  They’re ALL like that.


And that’s why I love them so much.


Case in point.  My son, my ex-husband and I have established Monday as Family Dinner night.  Keep in mind, my son is 23 – it’s not like his dad and I have to split custody anymore or anything.  His older sister got wind of this (see old post – “Spies Everywhere”).  So on occasion, the group includes my daughter and son-in-law.


This evening we did Outback takeout and ate at my ex-husband’s house.  My daughter, son-in-law and their two basset hounds, Bunkie and Buster, joined us.  The only one missing was the starlet in the above photo, who is up in New York about to begin her second semester of college.  Because we are a loving, inclusive family, my son took a picture of the awesome Outback dark bread we had and sent it to her.

Just to rub it in.


It worked.  She called a minute later and we all got to laugh while she moaned and complained about her sandwich and applesauce.  Which means that for a few minutes, we were all together, and it made me very happy.


Besides, look at that face.  How could I not be happy?

Spies Everywhere

A fringe benefit/unexpected burden of being a teacher is that you become somewhat of a local “celebrity”.  People in your town or neighborhood recognize you at the store and wave to you at the traffic light.  Of course, all of these people are children.


On Monday night my happily dysfunctional family – ex, son, and I – went to Outback for some Bloomin’ Onion and steak.  We had a delightful time, what with my son reading the calorie counts of everything we ate – courtesy of his iphone app.  Don’t even ask about the calories in that stupid onion.

The next day, my daughter was trying to get her class to move on to the next activity and told her kids to put their hands down.  However, one insistent child had to be heard.  You see, he was at Outback, too.  And he saw the three of us.  And he ratted us out to my daughter.  We keep going to Outback without inviting her.  She is, afterall, married and busy.  However, she has a weakness for Macaroo and Cheese.


Blown in by a ten year old.  I’m just hoping I didn’t say anything crude or unprofessional – the walls have ears you know.

Kids Are Funny

My weeks are getting hectic as the school year progresses, but I wanted to spend a little time sharing what my 5th grade cherubs have said and written lately.


In the final paragraph of this girl’s story:  “To make a short story quick, I …”


With all earnestness, as he explained some process to me, this wide-eyed little boy gushed, “I have a passion for science.”


And finally, this passage from a boy who learned English as a second language, and who is a sweetheart, ” I sat on the couch and heard a knock on the door.  BOOB! BOOB!”

That’s boom, my child.  I love my job!

Florida Friday – One Day Late

I’m a day late, but I needed inspiration.

I got it in the form of the online version of my local newspaper.  Florida has some of the most entertaining people of anywhere I’ve lived.  While not exactly something I LOVE about Florida, I do sometimes laugh out loud when I read these headlines about my city and state.  From today’s news:

  • Man does drive-by with Roundup Weed Killer (apparently his neighbor made him angry, so he offed the guy’s lawn.)
  • Man accidentally shoots himself  in the face (while I don’t find this funny, it does make me shake my head and sigh.)
  • And finally… I kid you not… Man says cocaine in his buttocks is not his.  (I have nothing to say to that.)

God bless Florida.

A Pain in the Head

I had planned to write some sort of charming post this afternoon, but my migraine kicked in big time.  The Imitrex didn’t work, so I resorted to a large Coke chaser.  Now my head feels better, but I’m wide awake at 11:30 at night.

I did, however, want to share this blog post from a blog I think I will be reading regularly.  It has lovely photos, and a great takeoff on The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Think Fall.  And enjoy.

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