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International Womens’ Day

This was new information for me – apparently we’ve been having International Women’s Day for a few years now.  Huh.

I cranked up Stumbleupon and went looking for something interesting I might write about under the topic of “women’s issues”.

Random sampling:

  • Beautiful young woman draped over a car in a gown, her lips parted and pouty.
  • Stain removal home remedies
  • “Rockin’ natural hair” for African-American women
  • Photos of women in skimpy outfits, titled “Rad Babes”
  • “What’s Going On in a Woman’s Mind?”
  • “Exclusive – Women and Wealth – Taking the Pulse”
  • several hits that were either vulgar or had to do with body parts and pelvic exams…

Is it me, or does it seem like some guys in a room with beer felt these should be listed in “Women’s Issues”?

I take issue with these “issues”.  I don’t need a “Women’s Day”.  I need to treat myself with dignity so others will have no choice but to follow suit.  Which leaves out draping myself over a car and pouting.  There’s no way I can pull that off and save any of my dignity.  Seriously.

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