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Justice Will Prevail

While the country gears up for today’s picnics, beach trips, parties, and fireworks, one family, a judge, teams of lawyers and a jury box full of people will be sitting in a courtroom today hearing yet again about the death of an innocent little girl.

Casey Anthony‘s trial has had the media, and therefore the nation, riveted for weeks.  Most people have opinions, myself included.  Many people in Florida have watched this story since it began to unfold with the announcement of Caylee’s disappearance three years ago.  My son was a member of one of the search and rescue teams who looked for her body.  To be honest, I prayed he wouldn’t be the one to find her, because I knew how deeply it would affect him.  It was selfish, but I didn’t want my child to be hurt.

As a verdict draws near, I pray justice will be served by the jury.  But what leaves me with a sense of peace is that we aren’t Ms. Anthony’s final judges.  God alone knows what was in the heart of whoever committed this horrid crime against a little girl.  He knows what happened, and He will judge righteously.

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