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Here is reason number 1,393 why I love my home town.

Of course, you’ve heard of kazoos.  They are those little metal horns you hum into.  They’re actually famous.  I watched an old episode of Boston Legal the other night in which William Shatner played a trombone shaped kazoo in New Orleans.  And it was made right here in my little home town of around 8,000 people.

We are the home of the “Original Kazoo Factory”.  Although it is now a working factory on only a limited basis, it is still the only maker of metal kazoos in North America.  In fact, if you purchase a metal kazoo, it should have stamped on it “Eden, NY  USA”.  If it doesn’t, it was made in some other country.   I would NEVER put my lips on a kazoo that was not made right here in town.  I actually think it might make God cry.

These days, the Kazoo Factory, as we all called it growing up, is run on  a limited basis, but the front of the “factory”, which is actually an old house with a factory built out the back of it, contains an amazing gift shop owned and operated by an old family friend of my in-laws, Karen Smith.  If you happen to be in western New York, stop by.  You may even have a chance to make your own kazoo!

For more history and information about the Original Kazoo Factory, click here.

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