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One Bite At a Time

Yesterday I started my new position back in my old school district.  I was feeling very overwhelmed at having made such an abrupt turn around in New York, driving for three days and jumping straight into a new job all within five days.

My first day entailed sitting through a two hour lecture from someone I’d never heard of who talked about No Child Left Behind, Title I schools, and all the education “stuff” that goes along with testing.  His name is Mark Rowleski and he was actually quite interesting to listen to.  However, I could feel myself becoming more anxious with each passing minute as he spoke about annual yearly progress and test scores while I was realizing the enormity of setting up a classroom in a new school where I know almost no one, don’t have any idea how things are done, and have very little time.

Then he said something that literally slowed my breathing to a normal rate.

You can’t eat an elephant in one bite.

One bite at a time.  That’s how I’m going to make things work out.  One task accomplished, one problem solved, and keep moving forward.

(Can I make it an elephant size ice cream cake in my imagination?  Eating an elephant would be gross!)

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