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Chocolate is the Devil

Stupid is as stupid does.  Just call me Forrest.  Friday the staff began selling World’s Finest Chocolate to raise funds for our three person retirement party.  Who’s buying them?  Aside from students who can’t afford them, and their parents who can’t either, I am.  I’m pretty sure I raised enough for cake and punch on Friday alone.


So I woke up with the expected migraine Saturday morning.  I made it through the morning – still loving Saturday school! – but had to talk to my daughter on the phone all the way home to avoid thinking about how close I was to throwing up.  Sorry.  Since then, I’ve been in bed the entire weekend, except for taking the dog out and one trip for fast food, which I couldn’t finish eating anyway.

The point of this is not poor me, as obviously, this has been entirely self-inflicted.  My principal, who has known me for eons, gave me no sympathy, which is what I love about her.

But this weekend, I gave myself permission to not feel guilty about resting all weekend.  Of course, I had no choice but to rest, and it has taken the entire weekend for my headache to subside, but I usually lie in bed feeling anxious about what I should be doing, depressed that I can’t do what I want when I want, and guilt-ridden for having such a messy home.

This all contributes to the migraine, which I logically know is counterproductive.  The logic part of my brain is hard to locate in the midst of throbbing pain and nausea, however.  So Saturday, as I crawled into bed, I made a conscious decision to do nothing but rest all weekend, even if my headache went away in a couple of hours.  It didn’t, but as I now had a plan to rest and only rest, it was okay.

I must thank my daughter Rachel, who brought over Pepsi (for the caffeine), took my dog out, and did the embarrassingly huge pile of dirty dishes in my kitchen.  It so helped this evening as I started to feel better to find a clean kitchen waiting for me.  After cooking myself something to eat, I recleaned the kitchen, folded and hung up clean laundry and baked a cake.  That’s more than I get done some days even without a headache.  So all in all, it was a good plan.

And chocolate is the devil.  I must remember that.


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