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Plane Plans

I love having a plan!  Gives me something to mark on my calendar, an excuse to make lists and cross things off of them – plans are good.

I just booked a flight for New York for December.  I’ll fly up on a Thursday evening, spend Friday and Saturday packing the boxes of my personal life I left up there in August, along with the furniture, books, and the lifetime of stuff I put in storage there.  After quickly visiting the family, I’ll load the kit and the kaboodle into a moving truck on Sunday.  My daughter’s Christmas vacation starts Monday, so we’ll get in the truck and head for Florida that morning.  Hopefully, two days on the road will do it, and we’ll be back by Tuesday evening or at worst, Wednesday morning.  Then I still have a day or two to unpack my stuff in the apartment I will have leased before I left, and the truck will be returned.  All before Christmas Day.  It’s a carefully considered plan.

Now, the one thing I know about plans is they never go quite the way you actually planned them.

So I’ll keep you updated.

It Turns Out Moving to New York and Back in One Summer is Pretty Stressful…

This has been an insane summer.  Usually, I just work summer school, take a couple weeks for myself and start gearing up for another school year.

This year, I packed up all my belongings, gave up my apartment, took a leave of absence from work and headed to New York to return to my home town and start over.  Moving home has been on my To Do list for a good twenty-five years.  However, I was more focussed on getting up there than making a living once I got there.  I made some poor decisions, and ended up panicking over not having a job as my bank account dwindled.

So, I ended up taking a last minute opening at a school back in Florida, piling what I could fit into my Hyundai, and hightailing it back to Florida.  The day after I returned, I started working.  And I’m staying with my ex-husband and my son while I build up my bank account a little.

Turns out, oddly enough, this is all very stressful.  I know – surprising, isn’t it?  I am just starting to feel like the world is not crashing around me.  It will take awhile longer before I can honestly say I am happy to be here.  It shocked me how I quickly went from being the “it’s all good” optimistic cheerleader I usually am to the shaking, quivering mess I have been over the past two weeks.  Stress can do so much damage so quickly.

I am very grateful for my son and my ex, who have been taking good care of me since my return.  They have both kept me fed and given me a literal shoulder to cry on.  And I am eternally grateful to God and my family in New York for taking such good care of my daughter, who will start attending college up there next week.

Despite the stress, I am beginning to see the sunshine through the storm clouds.  And the lessons I have learned and continue to learn remind me that out of the stress can come wisdom and strength.

Is This a Sign or Just Typical Government Bureauocracy?

I know I’ve already posted today, but I am in the mood to smack somebody hard, and as there is no one here who actually deserves to be smacked – hard 0r otherwise – I thought I would spew my anger onto a post.  I apologize if I get any on you.

In my path to “my new life”, I am already finding that things have a way of twisting and turning, leading me down paths I hadn’t planned to take.  For instance, I am now working to secure a temporary teaching certificate from the state of New York.  I know you can see this coming… New York… bureaucracy…

The good news is, I spoke with a woman named Nancy Burns at Erie2 BOCES, which is the area school support system of sorts.  Ms. Burns was extraordinarily helpful, and told me exactly what I needed to do in a few short minutes.  To give you some idea of how competent this person is, THREE different people have told me within the past week or so that she is THE person to go to for help with certification.  And they were right.

The bad news is, I have to apply for certification online.  Now I am as in love with the Internet as the next blogger, so I actually looked forward to the process, knowing there would be fewer paper forms for me to mess up, spill tea on, and lose.  Here comes the part where I’m absolutely livid.  After working my way through the log on, the page that asks you to click on what service you need, and then to the profile page, I work my way through the page, filling in dates, degrees, more dates, etc.  Then I click on submit or next, or whatever.  It is only then that this model of technological advancement in the field of teacher certification admits the site is having technical issues.  I am invited to try again in a few minutes.

What a crock!  I tried a few minutes later, then a half hour later, then just later in the day.  That was Friday.  Today I’ve tried several times with no success.  Apparently, no one monitored the site Friday, and certainly not today.  I don’t expect any better luck on Sunday.  And if I have any questions, I am invited to call a number.  Now you know no one will be at that number over the weekend, and I am skeptical that I will get an actual person Monday morning when I call.  And I HAVE to do this online.  So much for telling prospective employers I have begun the process.  I haven’t even finished my profile!

So, I wondered for a little while if this was somehow God’s way of telling me not to do this.  However, since I seem to be led down this path that I hadn’t anticipated, I decided this has nothing to do with God being funny and everything to do with  a stupid bueaucratic glitch.  Stupid.  Grrrr.

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