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Time Flies, Even if You’re Not Having Fun

I believe my last post was August of 2012.  So I’ve only been gone… what?  Seven months?  That’s not long in the blogosphere, right?  Well, in school years, that’s been ALL of it so far.

Long story short, I have a very challenging class, thrown together weeks after school started when one of our fifth grade classes was cut.  The original group gelled very well, but the poor kids who got split up and thrown into my class never got a chance to feel like they belonged.  It also put together students who had been purposely separated  before school began because of problems between them.

That, along with an ailing principal and lack of direction made things very difficult.  Our extremely poor test performance last spring meant we had people from the district coming in and lots of people wandered in and out of our rooms.  I came to dread going to work each day.

But now it’s almost April, we have a new principal who has new ideas, and we have eleven weeks of school remaining.  By no means is my life easy, breezy, but I can see sunlight in the distance and actually smile more at school these days.  And once, again, I’m telling my students that I love them – ALL of them.

So, it’s time to begin moving onward and upward again.


Onward. And. Upward.

Since I began working a second job seven hours during the week, and now a third job for four hours each Saturday, the carefully plotted and planned structure of my personal life has crumbled around my feet.

The third job is very temporary, and the second job will end by June, but I really don’t want to wait that long to start living in some sort of normal fashion.  I love writing for my blog, and I miss it very much.

Sooo… I’m blowing the dust off my blog and adding a little structure.  I love structure.  Structure is very good for me.  Let’s try this.  My goal is to post three times a week:  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Tuesdays will fall under the topic of “Onward” – places I’ve been, places I’d like to go, or perhaps places that aren’t physical at all.  Thursday will be “And”, as in a little of this, and a little of that.  I’ll be rounding out the week with “Upward” topics on Saturdays – living life better as a 50+ year old!

Long Ago and Far Away


Long ago, I used to write blog posts.  Almost daily.  It was fun.




See, doesn’t that look like fun?







Then came work.  And tutoring after work.  Followed by holidays.  Which were followed by more work.  And tutoring.  And teaching Saturday School for four hours on Saturday.  Then the relatives started arriving from the snowy North.  Then, just to make it even better, I had to put my sweet dog down last week.

So the blogging thing has ground to a halt.

But I miss it.  And I miss checking on the blogs of people whose writing makes me happy.  And well, I’d like to get that back.

I feel like I’ve wandered far away from my original intent, which was to express my thoughts on finding health and happiness in my fifties and beyond.  Coincidentally, I’m not feeling too healthy or all that happy, and I’m beginning to wonder if I was chronicling my happiness, or if writing about my life was what made me happy and healthy.  Hmmmm…..


So I’m going to give my writing another shot.  Even if it’s only my brother who reads it (hi Mikey), I think it’s a good thing.



My “Practice” Retirement

My last day of school for this year was last Friday.  I spent the weekend like most others, nursing away a migraine and doing as little as possible.  In fact, I was out like a light by 8:30 Sunday evening, never getting to the part of the night where I take the dog out one more time, give both of us our meds, and put us both to bed.  I was out.

This morning I woke up at 5 a.m.  Miraculously, I felt truly refreshed and awake.  That never happens to me anymore.  Ava, the wonderdog, and I went for our walk, and then I walked a half mile in the quiet of the day.  It was lovely.

I had breakfast, did dishes, and blah, blah.  I got more done by 9 a.m. than I usually do in an entire day.  I even fit in a swim around 8 while it was still quiet and less hot.  Then I worked for a couple of hours at school cleaning up.

I had a lovely lunch, visited with my girls, then off for a pedicure.

I relaxed and read when I got home, folded some laundry, and went to Chipotle’s.

This may sound boring to you, but I realized this afternoon, this may be the pace of my life once I retire.  No rushing, no deadlines, a little social life, a little pampering, a little housekeeping.

I had fun practicing today.  And I want to practice a lot so I am a pro at it by the time my real retirement starts someday.

I’m Like a Gorilla

Right now I feel kinda like this guy.

Dadgum it.  What the heck happened?

Sometimes I just shake my head, look around me, and wonder how I got here.

But gorillas are smart animals.  And so am I.

Once I stop scratching my head, I’ll figure it out.

It may take me a little while, and I’ll probably move slowly, like a gorilla.  But then I’ll get up.  And I’ll be onward and upward again.

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