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Why Do I Bother?

I am mildly aggravated.  Not at anyone, just in a situation in which I find myself with increasing frequency.


Our school does a wonderful job bringing in programs for our children.  Dance, theater, recognition ceremonies.  We go all out.  For the clientele at our school, this may be the only chance they have to see professional dancers or musicians.  I have been so pleased with the exposure my students have gotten in the arts.


Having said that, we are only a month and a half away from state testing.  These tests determine our children’s promotion to the next grade, our school grade, and starting next year, my salary.  I don’t like it, but that’s the way it is.


So, imagine my surprise this morning (after spending hours and hours improving my lesson plans for this week to include pinpointed skill groups and detailed lessons), to see on the calendar in the hall that we have not one, but three assemblies scheduled for this week.  What’s up with that???


They will all be good assemblies, I believe.  Tomorrow the local power company will be coming to give the kids a great lesson in energy transfer and the conservation of energy.  Great science content to be sure.  On Thursday, we will have an author speak to us about the writing process – also good.  Twenty minutes later, we will have a speaker talk about bullying.  I’m hoping that one is good.


Good assemblies; poor timing.  Monday there is no school, so I won’t be catching up next week, either.  But hey, it’s only the kids’ future and my income at stake.  I’ll find the bright side of this tomorrow, after I’ve slept.

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