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The Stability of Change

This afternoon I was riding along with my eldest child on some errands.  As she drove, she began to tell me about some websites she’d found and hopes to use with her fifth graders.  I listened as she excitedly told me about an interactive periodic table.  She explained that when you clicked on the elements, the site showed that element’s “chronology”.  I have no idea if I spelled it right, but I was already lost.  Just so you know, each element has a unique pattern of colors which are reveled when blah blah blah… I don’t remember.

It struck me how excited and knowledgable she was about the scientific topics she shared.  This child always did pretty well in Science, but she had no interest in it.  As she got older, her interests expanded and changed.  She now talks about going back to school to get a degree in Science education, or at least taking some classes.

My youngest, who was so sure she wanted to be a pastry chef, has already decided she wants to do something else.  Presently, she is doing some searching to find her path.  I have no doubt she will, but it will involve some changes in her plans.

Back in my youth, I expected to be married and have a wonderful home in the country, teaching children to love to read and write.  So that didn’t happen.  I am divorced, living in a large town/small city, and I love teaching math.  If I went back to school, it would be to get a degree in Math education.  I still can, if I choose to.

Change is inevitable.  Some changes are beyond our control, and we have to decide how to react to them.  Other changes are internal.  They come about just as inevitably as we mature, learn new things, meet new people.  As we come to know ourselves better, we make changes in our lives to reflect and suit our strengths and our passions.

Change is one thing that we can count on in life.  Things will change.  People will change.  I’m beginning to see what a comfort it can be knowing that.

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