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When I Get Crazy, I Remember…

Show me the path where I should go, O Lord;

point out the right road for me to walk.

Lead me;

teach me;

for you are the God who gives me salvation.

I have no hope except in you.

~ Psalms 25:4-5

This is my all time very favorite Scripture verse.  I don’t pretend to be well versed when it comes to the Bible.  But one night when I was miserable and scared (I don’t remember why, so that oughta tell you something!) I just opened my very slightly used Bible and started skimming, looking for something that would speak to me.  These verses just shouted out at me.  I have starred it, circled the 25 on the page and read it so often my Bible now falls open to this page.

So when I start to get panicky, thinking I have to figure out this whole move, find a job, miss my kids and my dad thing, anyone out there who might see this – feel free to remind me of Psalms.  Okay?

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