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This is Kinda Fun…

Yesterday I taught my first session of Saturday School.  My school offers voluntary classes on Saturday mornings for third, fourth, and fifth graders during the two months leading up to our state testing.

It’s crazy, but more than a third of the entire fifth grade showed up at 8:30 Saturday morning!  We took attendance, fed them a little treat, then split the group up.  I taught four sessions of Reading.  We talked about previewing the test, reading the questions first, and then looked at reading strategies like understanding cause and effect and comparing and contrasting.  We then matched up typical test questions with those strategies.  Then we started, but didn’t get to finish cutting up the questions and gluing them to construction paper under the correct reading strategies.

While this doesn’t sound terribly exciting, I was surprised to hear my kids saying, “This is kinda fun.”  and “Sure beats sitting home on a Saturday morning.”  We discussed examples of when we used reading strategies in the story we read last week, as well as how we used strategies to understand Old Yeller, which I recently read to them.  We also talked about the garage sale at C’s house, M’s new four wheeler, which he got because Dad got a promotion, and the family wedding CL will be attending next weekend.

This was probably the most enjoyable Saturday morning I’ve spent in ages.

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