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I’ve Got the Basics

I am learning that it is possible to live very simply when one’s belongings are over a thousand miles away.  I have a bed and a TV, along with a laptop.  I presently have two suitcases of clothing and a few pairs of shoes.  With my cell phone and my purse, I am pretty much surviving.

We spend so much of our lives collecting things:  furniture, electronics, appliances, and assorted knicks and knacks.  Yet when we get down to it, if we can clothe ourselves and we have a bed to sleep in, and enough cash to keep ourselves fed and put gas in the car (oh ya, I have my car), we can get by.

I know in a couple months, I’ll be itching to get my belongings back, but I have a feeling once I start culling through all the boxes and piles of stuff, I will find there are many things that I can donate to Goodwill.  I’m kind of looking forward to that.

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