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It Turns Out Moving to New York and Back in One Summer is Pretty Stressful…

This has been an insane summer.  Usually, I just work summer school, take a couple weeks for myself and start gearing up for another school year.

This year, I packed up all my belongings, gave up my apartment, took a leave of absence from work and headed to New York to return to my home town and start over.  Moving home has been on my To Do list for a good twenty-five years.  However, I was more focussed on getting up there than making a living once I got there.  I made some poor decisions, and ended up panicking over not having a job as my bank account dwindled.

So, I ended up taking a last minute opening at a school back in Florida, piling what I could fit into my Hyundai, and hightailing it back to Florida.  The day after I returned, I started working.  And I’m staying with my ex-husband and my son while I build up my bank account a little.

Turns out, oddly enough, this is all very stressful.  I know – surprising, isn’t it?  I am just starting to feel like the world is not crashing around me.  It will take awhile longer before I can honestly say I am happy to be here.  It shocked me how I quickly went from being the “it’s all good” optimistic cheerleader I usually am to the shaking, quivering mess I have been over the past two weeks.  Stress can do so much damage so quickly.

I am very grateful for my son and my ex, who have been taking good care of me since my return.  They have both kept me fed and given me a literal shoulder to cry on.  And I am eternally grateful to God and my family in New York for taking such good care of my daughter, who will start attending college up there next week.

Despite the stress, I am beginning to see the sunshine through the storm clouds.  And the lessons I have learned and continue to learn remind me that out of the stress can come wisdom and strength.

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