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128 over 76

I went back to my doctor yesterday to see if my blood pressure had improved.  For some freakish reason, my normally lovely blood pressure spiked to 145 over 99 last time I was there.  The doctor was most unhappy and told me to stop using table salt, which I never use anyway, and put me on a diuretic with a deadline of one month to get my pressure down.

He also warned me that he would take me off my Imitrex if my blood pressure didn’t improve.  I left in a panic, wondering how I would function without it.  After I decided panicking was not good for my blood pressure, I relaxed a little.  Without really doing anything differently than eating out less and getting up more in the middle of the night to use the bathroom – damn diuretic – I waited for my appointment to roll around again.

Yesterday was my moment of truth.  Blood pressure – a fairly decent 128 over 76, and get this!  I lost ten pounds since my visit in mid-August.  I’m not sure where I put it, but it’s the first time in my life I’ve just misplaced ten pounds without any idea how it happened.

And I get to keep my Imitrex and function normally in society.  Sweet.

My Best Friend Imitrex

Today I had my doctor’s appointment to confirm that I am now shingle free.  It went well and the little residual pain and itching is common and normal.  Young children will be safe in my presence on Monday and will not be in danger of poxing out.

I left my appointment feeling very unsettled and nervous, however.  It seems my blood pressure, which has always been fabulously normal, has now risen to unacceptable heights.  In fact, the nurse taking my bp asked if I felt okay.  I said I was fine, which I was until I turned to look at my reading on the machine behind my head.  166 over 94??  What happened to my faithful 110 over 70?  She took another reading which was slightly, but not much, lower.

After the doctor finished his shingle free proclamation, he again took my blood pressure.  145 over 91.  Better, but still a far cry from my 110 over 70.  He was not at all happy and told me to lay off the table salt.  I don’t salt any of my food.  Then he dropped the bombshell.  If I don’t get my blood pressure down, he will not let me take my Imitrex.  Those of you who know me well know I do not go anywhere without that medicine.  It is the only thing that controls my migraine enough to allow me to work and function normally.

So now I am fretting and anxious over what might happen, which I’m SUUUURRRE is not helping my blood pressure.  He prescribed a diuretic and I have to go back in one month.  If my bp has not gone down, we will have to make some decisions.  I’m trying not to worry a problem that doesn’t yet exist, but I am so reliant on my medicine to keep my migraine at bay, I can’t imagine what I’d do without it.

I’m hoping a really good night’s sleep will help me put this all in perspective.  Either that, or going up to school tomorrow to spend a Saturday finishing up my classroom for Monday morning’s new students will keep me busy enough that I won’t have time to worry about it.  That’s the plan anyway.

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