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The Livin’ is Easy – Part 1

I love that song.  Summertime… and the livin’ is easy.  I am probably enjoying this summer more than any other I can remember.  Last summer would top the list, except that I was frantically trying to find a job with benefits up in western New York in my quest to move back to my hometown. Although that didn’t work out as I’d hoped, I learned so much and had such a bountiful summer.  Not in cash, but in friends, family, and new memories.  Now that I’ve finally started to get my personal life kinda sorta a little organized, I thought I’d share some of my New York summer.  Everything I did was cheap or free, and more enriching than any amusement park or mall.

Our trip to Zoar Valley started my adventures.  My cousin Linda, her cousin Kate and I took two cars full of young adults on a day of creek walking.  We drove down near Gowanda, New York and headed down to the water.  There we walked along the Cattaraugus Creek.  Most of the rock we encountered was shale, common in that area.  One of the girls in our entourage is studying geology and shared with us the names of several rocks and fossils.  The creek bed was full of fossil!  I suggest you always take a geologist or geology student with you when you hike a creek.  Awesome!

To learn more about this beautiful area in New York State, click here.  Enjoy!

My friend Kate and I rested on our creek walk through Zoar Valley. The kids left us in the dust.

Daughter #1 must check her cell phone. Not such good reception in a valley.

What stories these ancient rocks could tell!

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