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So There’s My Crock pot!

I have too much stuff.

I’m not talking about TVs, video games, bric-a-brac, and the like.  Just… stuff.

Last December, I flew up to New York to retrieve all the furniture, dishes, and personal belongings I left at my aunt and uncle’s house and in storage when I departed hastily in August.  After two days of packing and loading, my worldly possessions and I headed south in a Penske truck.  A few things were left up north so my daughter could use them while she stayed in New York, and some things just wouldn’t fit.  No problem.

Flash forward to May.  My child and my stuff arrived in Florida.  I knew it couldn’t be much, because the only thing I really missed was my crock pot.  Well, and my daughter.  You know what I mean.

I now have boxes upon boxes and piles upon piles.  Why did I think I needed two curling irons and hot rollers?  A jar of petroleum jelly?  Let’s not forget the pretty Vera Bradley curling iron cover.  And how this non-coffee drinker ever got along without a coffee maker, I’ll never know.  Thank goodness I have the expired Tylenol PM back.  How have I slept without it?  And my shredder.  Actually, I really did miss that.  It’s a pain to rip up mail with my name on it into tiny, teeny little pieces.

So I’ll keep my old crock pot and my shredder, too, but some of this debris has got to go.  In fact, I already said goodbye to the curling irons and an entire stash of expired medicines.  It’s hard to lead a simple life with all this clutter around me.  My next step is to weed through the mountains of paperwork, art and craft materials, and office supplies that have my spare room buried.  I have to remind myself that it’s just as wasteful to have things you don’t use as it is to throw away something others could actually use.  I see Goodwill in my near future!

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