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We’re Off to the Symphony… Again!

Our final field trip as a fifth grade class is this Thursday, and I am excited!  Once again, we’ll be boarding the big yellow bus and heading to Sarasota‘s Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall aka the Big Purple Cow.  The color was suggested by the widow of Frank Lloyd Wright, at least according to wikipedia.

Those of us on the Gulfcoast of Florida are blessed to have such a vibrant arts community in Sarasota.  And one of the benefits we enjoy is the yearly Sarasota Symphony Concert put on just for the elementary students of Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  Pieces are chosen specifically for this young audience, giving them a taste of how music creates moods, tells stories, and can evoke emotional responses.

When my students take their purple seats on Thursday, they will be surprised to hear music that is familiar to them.  Perhaps they heard a snippet of a piece in a commercial for beef, perhaps a melody will remind them of a movie score they’ve heard.

It’s days like these that make me cherish my role as their teacher.



This evening my eldest child is going to leave baby with Daddy, and she and I are heading to the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.  We are having a big night out at one of the most amazing places on the Gulf Coast of Florida!  The Van Wezel hosts the Sarasota Orchestra, along with such diverse guests as Tony Bennett, the Joffrey Ballet, and The New Mel Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein.  Pretty much something for everyone.

Tonight we’re going to see Bowfire.


All three of my children learned to play a string instrument, and both my daughters were in fiddler groups in high school.  I’m looking forward to hearing fiddle music of such a professional caliber.  And I have it on good authority from my niece, a cello player herself, that Bowfire is A MAZING!

Just another great reason to visit the Gulf Coast of Florida!

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